The branding of a brand is the heart and should be well planned. The branding transports the corporate philosophy and branches the customer with whom you are dealing.

Corporate Design

Corporate design includes all the graphic elements of a corporate appearance. From the first drafts to the final artwork to the ready-to-print products, I accompany you through the whole process. A unique and successful corporate design is becoming increasingly important in today’s world and almost a must if you want to be taken seriously as a competitor.


How do I position myself in the market, who are my competitors, what are my strengths and what is my customer approach going to look like? I help you with the correct positioning of your company. This is probably the most important step in becoming known and successful as a brand.


Whether product photo, image photos, portraits or campaign photos. Especially in connection with the branding, a visual language is very important. This visual language is perfectly chosen for corporate design and branding. Pictures are an important part of the corporate image.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become indispensable in corporate communication and brand building. But not all channels are suitable for all brands and companies. I help you with the right choice, preparation and care.


A newspaper advertisement or Google Adwords is not always the right choice for a product presentation or your own company. I advise and support you when you are starting a business, repositioning yourself or simply preparing a campaign.